Search For The Unknown

Since I have started fishing, I always loved to search for the unknown. Where carp don’t have a name or where we don’t know what carp or how many carp are in that specific water. Last year around this time I started to fish on a big public lake nearby my house.
I’ve fished this placed a couple of times, but never decided to fish here for a longer time. Just for the reason I was fishing a side where more people were fishing. Me and my brother found a place where it was hard to put up a bivvy. Most of the anglers need luxury and will avoid this spot. Last year October we went for a short overnighter to see what it would do. We pre-baited our zone the day before and we didn’t had to wait long until the first take. A small common was landed!
The weather wasn’t ideal with the eastern wind, but still we could land 4 commons that night.
At the beginning of this year we decided to start our baiting project. Every other day we went to the lake to search for activity and for pre-baiting.
After a couple of weeks, we were fishing when we had the time. Only if I had 3 hours to fish, I was there. Sometimes I caught. Sometimes I didn’t. But still I could do some research at the lake. After a big search on the water I knew the interesting spots, but did not wanted to bait up only on these kind of spots. The fish will feed everywhere. Unless there is bait!
When the days are getting longer and warmer I started to bait up some more kilos a day. Manuel Krehl, owner of Waterworld Baits and More send me a package with 2 different type of boilies. The White Magic and the French Star. The white magic is coloured white off course. And the French star is red. I always loved to bait up with two different type of boilies. We as human do not all love cauliflower, do we? ;).
From that day I didn’t blanked.. because I baited up a whole area it didn’t matter where I dropped my rig. The fish was on it! The funny part is that I started catching the bigger ones. I love it when a plan comes together!
During the last months we caught lovely fish over there. And I think there will be some more interesting carp in this water. The best part of the year is coming and I can’t wait till it is there!
Rig wise I keep it very simple. A flexible but strong hooklink with a Curved shank will do the job. NTEC will make sure their material is strong enough to hook the fish and keep it in place. I am fishing with their stuff since it was in his test period. And I know it will resist the strongest fights!
Later this year I will write a new article with hopefully some more beautiful catches. I know for sure we did not caught the biggest yet.

Danny Mastenbroek.