What a Start

What a Start!

The year 2016 is already 2,5 months old and it is time to make a balance of the start of the season. I can still remember the start of last year. It took months to get my first carp. I think the problem was that I choose the wrong waters. Especially in the colder months it is worth it to choose a water with enough carp in it. Last year I directly started at a water which I wanted to fish during the summer months. The carp weren’t there at the time. So I could fish the for ages without or just a couple of fish. This year I choose to fish a high stock water. Without any big fish but loads of smaller commons. I just wanted to have a quick start.
It was the 5th of January. I had a day off and it was time to get the rods out. With limited gear I went to a small park lake which I knew there was enough fish in. But after 2 hours nothing happened. Time to get the rods in and looks what was wrong. With the baitboat I replaced my rig underneath overhanging trees. Within an hour my ATT receiver told me there was some activity on the spot. Even when the water was cold the carp gave me a good fight. What a great feeling! The first session of the year, and already a carp. It was just a common with a weight of 10 lbs. But who cares! Just when I putted the fish back where it belongs the other rod went off. But after a minute the hook pulled out. After changing the rig the baitboat replaced it under the trees again. 2 hours later nothing happened anymore. Time to pack up! I already moved some stuff to the van and left the rods in till the last moment. When I were standing at my van to get my stuff in I heard the receiver screaming! Fuck.. time for a run. Luckily the carp swum of the obstacles and I could land my second fish of the year! Last year it took me more than 6 sessions the land the first carp. And this year I already have 2 in the first session. This year is going to be awesome!
The 24th of January I went on a session with my brother Maurice. Again we choose a water with a good stock in it. Still it will be hard to get a bite during this cold conditions. We baited our swim up with some crushed boilies, hemp, micro pellets and sweetcorn. On the hair a 15 mm CBB shellfish krill boilie and a 10 mm white pop up. This combination already prove his power! And today again.. me and my brother were making plans for this year when I heard a couple of bleeps. Because of a long distance and the cold water this was enough for me to know there was a fish on! The fight didn’t take long. But good for a lovely coloured common. Sadly this was the only carp of that day. Wet and soaked we packed up and went home for a warm drink and shower.
The 3th of February it was time again to make some hours on the bank. This time a short evening session 5 minutes from my house. In the winter you need to search for hotspots. The carp are just feeding a half hour/hour a day. So if you can find a spot where they are, the change of getting a bite is much bigger. This can mean overhanging trees, a bridge or other obstacles. I decided to place my rig just before a small hole underneath a bridge. A small snowmen presentation were presented with a couples of 15 mm boilies around it.
2016 already had a great start, but again in a hour I could land a common carp. And it is the first biggun of the year. What a great fight this one gave me! It is strange that some carp can give you a good fight during this cold winter conditions. Where others just give you a fight of 10 seconds.
I love it when a plan comes together. And I cannot wait to get out on the bank again. Next week I will travel to France for a week session.
Hopefully the first session in France of this year will be as good as the start in the Netherlands!
Danny Mastenbroek.