Autumn Tales with Ad Brak part 3

Awesome Autumn

Temperature is dropping, clouds are rolling in and a few hours of cold rain are undermining my plans. This is supposed to be a friendly and relaxed autumn session. For the first time I get some hesitations to leave my warm house. This luckily does last only a few minutes and then my fears motivation takes over. I’m more than motivated to catch a carp tonight.


As the evening falls I’m feeling quite comfortable, the rain has stopped pouring down and the temperature isn’t all that bad. I’m in good contact with the chosen swim, and my confidence is rising, this will hopefully mean some fish. My friend from KGB Baits Koos Walters just send me a fresh badge of the immense carp magnet; The Hydro Pro. Just a small kilo in various sizes will make the carp even more hungry and greedy for more. Overbaiting in these times is killing but than again, isn’t that always? I’m already in a good flow when I get my first run. This moment doesn’t come as a surprise and I’m pretty relaxed as I land this nicely proportioned common.


An evening shot follows and I’m full of happiness, I love it to be invisible, in peace with my passion and be rewarded with a beautiful carp. This session starts excellent and I’m excited for what’s more to come. On these part of my 2000ha home water the bottom is extremely soft. Just a small dumbbell and fluo pop up will do. Used with only 60 gram lead this combination won’t sink away.

ad-brak-8Bait; Just a small 10mm fluoro pop up on a dumbell! Snowman will do the trick this time of year.

It’s close to midnight and I just spend some hours outside, just enjoying. This vibe clears my mind and focus. Time to go to bed. The night is dead quiet so sleep comes easy. I’m dreaming about big autumn carps as the soft tones of my optonic gives me a wake-up call. It’s remarkable how quick you can go from deep sleep to quick action in a heart beat. After the first contact the fish swims towards me. But it’s not only that, I also feel an obstacle blocking my lead somewhere. Ok, now the fish is just in front of me but there’s also a big piece of wood coming behind it. This troubles me and I try to get in reach of this floating log. I can release this obstacle by hand and restoring contact. You sometimes need some good old luck. On the other hand Atomic end-tackle is extremely reliable, that helps. As long as the hook is in the bottom lip this fish is going only one way; in my net! And yes, here it comes and yes it’s a cracker, a nice full big common pays me a visit. I recognize this beautiful creature in an instant, this is an old special friend who I caught two times earlier in the last 3 years.


An absolutely incredible nice session with good fish and plenty enjoyable moments. This has been an excellent night and I’m looking forward for the next. For now I’m enjoying the moment, let the cold air clear my thoughts and let my passionate blood run. Until next week carp friends, I hope you all catch some Autumn carps. Send them in and we will post them on our Carpcrossing Facebook page.

Until next week

Ad Brak