Autumn Tales with Ad Brak part 1

Ad Brak tells about his good old Autumn adventures. This is part 1, one of many!



The coldness is hitting my face if I was at the Bering sea, anyway that’s how it feels, something between Jack Sparrow and a captain on the deadliest catch series. My boat finds his way through the many small canals of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen, a 2000ha Dutch public lake. It’s really not that cold but I’m picking up the fresh sensation of an after summer night and my mind is doing the rest, it explodes, I feel liberated from the daily hectic.

It’s already getting dark and that makes me more comfortable, not being bothered by anyone. Within an hour I’ll be off the radar, 100 % focused on catching carp the way I like it. I’m also glad I took the effort of pre-baiting, this will enhance my chances big time, all lights are on green. But basically that means shit here, to many times this water has beated me down and was my morning fresh coffee the only consolation. But that’s the style I like, it must be hard, that really sets me off as a carp angler and adventurist, doing it the hard way.


When you think about boat fishing the first thing you see is an nicely positioned boat, rods out on a rodpod somewhere on a spot where nobody has ever been before. Well, boat fishing isn’t that simple, it’s a hassle and often over-romanticized. It’s hard work on the few square meters you got and that can make it very difficult sometimes. Okay when you’re all settled, enjoying a nice meal with a mind blowing view, there isn’t anything better.


There isn’t much wind and temperatures dropping quickly under 5 degrees. The natural serene calmness surrounds me and I absorb my weekly medicine in silence. The rods are out for an hour of two. All I did in the meantime was over seeying nature as it turns into night, enjoying the simple things in live. A few beeps and my line goes slack, this is my far end rod so this means business. I quickly got some contact but the word isn’t out yet, it still could be a bream. Then I feel the tension building up, yes this is carp, game on, I quickly get in the small boat. This all goes very well, last week I hit one of my other lines with the propeller but this time I won’t make that mistake again. This time, under a pale moon, a beautiful mirror appears. It stays under the boat for few minutes and which gives me the time to embrace the moment and to realise how wonderful these moments are. It’s a head rush only carp anglers know when a dead calm situation turns into action.


This mission already has succeeded, the night can only bring the cherry on the pie, and I’m in the flow. Bringing the line back in position goes smoothly and these are signals of that flow, highly concentrated and doing only the right things to get to the carp. There are hundreds of ways to mess it up, only if everything is correct success will follow.


Luck is an aspect you need, sometimes on your side, sometimes it isn’t. But when you are focused you will achieve more, believe me. I normally fish one night a week but for me it’s a whole week fishing. Staying in contact with the water keeps the mind sharp en helps to harvest your investment during a dozen fishing hours. Autumn really gets me in the mood, it’s a constant working mode towards a big final. It’s sometimes a long cold waiting game, but the anglers with the most endurance will get the biggest results. The biggest carp mostly come out icy close to winter. There is often a period late in season when the water temperature drops so fast that catching carp becomes almost impossible, it’s seems the carp is hibernating for winter. It makes you question what the hell you’re doing in that coldness. But, close behind that temperature dip, when the sun and less cold winds gets one more go, there you’ll will find the biggest carp. It’s there, when you can push yourself a few more nights into brutal and bitterly cold nights, that’s where you find the biggest carp of the season.


The Autumn colors bring warmth to my hart, the colder it gets the harder my carp hart starts to pound and glow. It’s a real privilege to have passionate blood running, it fires me up and keeps my head clear. I’m more than ready for coming period. My PB still holds on the last week of November. I’ll be pushing it hard here on Carpcrossing. I hope to see some big autumn carps from you guys, so let’s get in gear for autumn!




Ad Brak