Darren Hilton has The Major at 45lb

I started my session about midday on Sunday, after a walk around it seemed the fishing was very slow, as no fish had been out since Thursday, I settled on a swim in the middle of the lake, I got the baits on the desired spots, 1 tight to an island next to a weed bed at about 40 yards, the second was placed in a silty gully in between 2 bars at about 45 yards, the third was placed at about 55 yards in between 2 weed beds.


All was quiet through Sunday, with no sightings of fish, so I retired to the sleeping bag at about 11pm, at 05.00 I was woken by a stuttery sound on the delkims, on the right hand rod at 55 Yards, after a brief battle a beautiful 31.4 near leather was on the bank, nobody was around so the tripod was set up and the self takes done.


I was one happy chappy, the lead was despatched back on the money, I put the kettle and bacon sarnie on.

All was quiet throughout the day, when at 6pm the left hand rod bend round and the delkim produced that loving one toner, the fish felt very very good and came in close pretty quick. This lake is gin clear, and upon seeing the fish I knew it was one of big girls. It looked huge and so long, darting backwards and forwards under my feet in 8 foot of gin clear water, the water is so clear I could see my white pop up hanging over the bottom lip, so I was really nervous, that the fish was hooked lightly, and it continued to make strong heavy runs to the weed bed to my left, the fish slowly tired and came up in the water, and a fellow angler slipped the net under her, upon this 2 regulars were in my swim, and straight away said you’ve got ‘The Major‘. And she pulled the dial around to bang on 45lb.

darren-hilton-pic-2Carp Couture Clothing Owner Darren Hilton has The Major at 45lb

I was dumbstruck, I had only done 2 nights, landed 3 fish, and now the most stunning fish I have ever seen, let alone hold, was mine, this fish on the bank is just immense, the length, the shape, the proportions and the colours are just perfect in my mind.

I was just blown away, the pictures were done, and I said my goodbyes, in my 30 years carp fishing, I have never caught or seen a creature like this, I fell privileged to have held this stunning carp.


I put the kettle on and sat on the bedchair for what seemed like all night just smiling at nothing in the dark.

and this is why we do it I suppose, because you never know when and what is coming next.

I have only really come back to carp fishing over the last 18 months, doing proper time, as I hadn’t really been on the bank much since the late 90s, when I fished darenth, I went for a walk around there about 18 months ago and the bug came back. I got a ticket, and had a good 5 months on there, landing 29 fish, including 11x30s and 2 x 40s.


I moved onto tonford lakes mkf for about 2 months, and had 3 fish including 2 of the A team both over 30lb, and back to darenth for the winter.

Earlier this year I fished loggies mkf and had it right off, having 87 fish in 26 nights, including 40 fish over 20lb and 6 over 30lb, I then moved to the syndicate where I had the 45 common.

So it has been a very busy 18 months, with all the fishing, and especially launching my carp clothing brand Carp Couture Clothing, which has taken off beyond my expectations, and after such a short time, the whole range for men and women, is already available at angling direct Norwich, and on their website, and it is about to be released in Italy, Spain and Holland.


Darren Hilton