Carpcrossing 2014

A new year has started! We can look back at a year with many miles we have travelled in search of adventure and beautiful waters. We can look back at a very successful Carpcrossing Bootcamp, which will definitely find a second edition in this year. Encouraging young talented anglers in pursuit of carp will be one of our main goals next to sharing our passion for carp angling.

carpcrossing-bootcamp“…The Carpcrossing Bootcamp…”

Carpcrossing initially started of as a mainly Dutch website and has grown into the biggest international Carp fishing online magazine in the world, with followers from many countries. I like to thank all our readers for their support. It encourages us in making videos and writing articles about our adventures.

carpcrossing-Peter-Vlasveld“…Peter Vlasveld…”

Last year we welcomed a few new Team Members and we had to say good-bye to some others. For this year I had to make a hard decision by letting go Peter Vlasveld and Jeroen Flokstra. They will still be delivering articles and videos but as of this year they will no longer be part of the Carpcrossing Team. I like to thank the both of them for their contribution to Carpcrossing and their friendship.

carpcrossing-jeroen-flokstra“…Jeroen Flokstra…” 

This year Markus Lotz will join the Carpcrossing Team and we are looking forward to his videos and articles. This very passionate German carp angler has build up a wealth of knowledge in many years of fishing. Most of you will probably know him from his video blogs.  Besides Markus a few other talented international well known anglers will join our ranks as well.

 carpcrossing-markus-lotz-mirror“…Latest Team Carpcrossing Member Markus Lotz…”

Soon it will be February starting with the Carp Zwolle Show at the 8th and 9th of February! The biggest carp show in Europe attracts many anglers from all over the globe. This event is one of the best events of the year and we are looking forward to it. Carpcrossing will be introducing a few new items next to the Carpcrossing clothing range. One of the new items that will be available for the first time at the Carp Zwolle Show are the Carpcrossing Bait Buckets.

tomas-spiechowicz-carpcrossing-bait-bucket“…Team Carpcrossing Tomas Spiechowicz with the new Carpcrossing Bait Bucket..” 

This year Carpcrossing will concentrate even more on producing high quality carp videos. We have planned a series of underwater filming which hopefully will bring light to what is happening down under when we are waiting for a bite. We also have planned a series of tutorials full of tips and tricks to help the starting carp angler on his way. Remember: Knowledge is power as one man once said.

Carpcrossing-Ed-Skillz-big-scale-Gold“…My beauty of the year 2013, I have some good memories on the catch of this fish…”

For now we wish all  of  you a good 2014 with many beautiful moments.


Ed Skillz