32 kg Common for Hughes

Fox Consultant and well known UK carper Rob Hughes has just returned from a trip to an un-named gravel pit in Germany where he landed this stunning 32kg common as part of a 5 fish catch in 5 days.


“I had never fished in Germany before and was looking forward to the challenge of fishing an old fairly low stocked pit. It was one of those trips where everything fell right and I managed 5 fish including another carp over 20kg as well. As soon as I hooked her I knew she was heavy, and we had to shake her into the net as she was so long”


Rob tamed the beast using a combination of baits and liquids from CPK  / CC Moore and Becker, and used size 3 Fox ArmaPoint SSBP hooks and some products from the Fox Edges range he is currently testing.

At 32kg it was a pb common to go with his biggest fish, a mirror of 34.4kg and Rob is attempting to catch carp from as many countries as possible this year.


Next stop Poland!