Getting Things Started Part I

Observing and finding carp is the key to success in these colder periods...

How to Catch Carp in Winter

How to catch carp in winter when the temperatures are low and slowing down the feeding?

United States Carp Angler

Carp fishing in America becomes more and more popular....

The Balance in Carp Fishing, Work and Family

My fishing is divided up in to sections in my life, being a father to my son Bradly and being a husb...

Karper 115 – Winter Special

Wie droomt er niet van om een mooie karper in de sneeuw te vangen?

Carp adventure in Pennsylvania

Joel Harber going on a carp adventure in Pennsylvania USA.

Out of the Depths

How deep do carp feed? Is there a limit?


Sessie op VBK Water Het Veer

Arnaud Castel neemt ons mee op een vis sessie in België ‘t Veer is een Leieme...


Carp Fishing in Africa’s Lake of Treasure

How about a carp fishing adventure in Africa?


Carp Fishing Autumn and Winter Bait tip

Fake corn works very well in Winter and Autumn to catch carp. It works even bett...


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