Urban Carp Fishing

Urban Carp Fishing is getting more and more populair these days...

Getting Ready for Spring

These tactics will work on all venues, but they really come into their own on low stock or big pits...

Getting Things Started Part I

Observing and finding carp is the key to success in these colder periods...

How to Catch Carp in Winter

How to catch carp in winter when the temperatures are low and slowing down the feeding?

United States Carp Angler

Carp fishing in America becomes more and more popular....

The Balance in Carp Fishing, Work and Family

My fishing is divided up in to sections in my life, being a father to my son Bradly and being a husb...

Karper 115 – Winter Special

Wie droomt er niet van om een mooie karper in de sneeuw te vangen?


Wave Fishing Products test USA

I was recently contacted by a company called Wave Fishing Products to see if I w...


Martin SB – Monster Crab & Aminol – Irresistible!

Monster Crab is one of the Martin Sb classics and today we will take a further l...


Carp fishing in South Africa with Wave Fishing Products


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