Out of the Depths

How deep do carp feed? Is there a limit?

Preview KARPER 113

De nieuwe karper magazine editie 113 is nu verkrijgbaar. Zoals altijd staat het blad weer vol met be...

Urban Carp Fishing in the heart of Vienna

Urban carp fishing in a city like Vienna has it’s charme, but it doesn’t come without complicati...

Vooruitblik Karper Magazine 111

Vervelende, duikende watervogels? Rik Hagedoorn gebruikt ze juist om zijn stekjes ‘aan te jagen’...

Is Working in the Carp angling scene your Dream?

Ever wanted to be working for one of the biggest companies in the carp angling scene? This is your c...

Winter Tactics even in the Coldest of Weather

Without a doubt winter carp fishing is different from the warmer months. Here are some tips!

Autumn Love

FABIO GERRATANA: "...The end of autumn is one of the best times of the year for catching big fish."


Street Light Life – Carp Fishing Japan

Yoshihiro Mune fising for carp in the heart of one of the big cities in Japan!


Carp Photography at Night part I

How to take the best night shots? Alex Kobler has some very good tips about how ...


PVA Hydrospol LE with Fabio Gerratana

PVA Hydrospol Limited edition double pva mesh system review Fabio Gerratana


Ed Skillz