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Projectfishing at public lakes – Part II

Stage I – 2015 - May 20th to June 2nd Gage all details As said earlier I’m in an advanced phase as to my target lake. It should enable me to track the fishes’ movement quite rapidly. The chosen feeding sites are well thought out and…

Het zit hem in de details

Men hoort vaak dat men helemaal anders moet vissen dan de rest op een water. Er moet een heel groot verschil zijn in tactiek, aaspresentatie... Dit kan ook deels kloppen. Ik ben eerder van de mening dat je gewoon 'ietsje' anders moet doen…

Urban Carp Fishing

Urban carp fishing, not your normal days of fishing. As a carp angler we all love peace and quietness on the bank but why is urban fishing getting more and more popular? Here's my story. As a born big city boy I am used to all the noise…

Getting Ready for Spring

As anglers it's one of the times of year we most look forward to, with spring approaching upon us. Daffodils are springing up and snowdrops coming into bloom, can only mean one thing. Carp will be coming out of there hibernation holes with…

How to Catch Carp in Winter

Let's start by remembering that carp metabolism is closely related to water temperature. Which means their temperature will come down and enter a state of torpor. Also their search for food and consequent digestion will slow down, thus…


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